Types Of Ear Piercings

Piercing is around us for thousand of years and a piercing is usually used for decorating your body. It can be on any part of body, hiden or in plane sight, big, small, the variety is big. Since piercing is so popular and rather old way of decorating your body there are many ways to decorate some part of your body. For example, ear piercings. There are more than 10 types of ear piercing, each on different part of ear and each one can look great!

Due to that we have made a list of popular types of ear pircing with short descripiton and some basic information for each piercing:

Lobe piercing

Lobe piercing is the most common way of piercing your ear, the part of your ear that is pierces is actually fleshy piece of the lobe, known as lobule. I’m sure all of you have hat at least once in your lifetime pierces earlobes so you know it doesn’t hurt and it is really simple to do. Lobe piercing is actually the first piercing people ever did. Piercing your lobe so common that almost every woman did it, because earings are part of fashion, style and very popular accesory. Due to that there are huge variety for jewelry, from tipical earings to piercings that you can buy only in tatoo and pericing studios. Evey piercing needs to be made by a professional so the risk of an infeciton si minimal. If you have sensitive skin you need to be careful when picking the material of your piercing or earing because it can cause an infection if it is the wrong material.

Earlobe gauging

Earlobe gauging is a step forward in lobe piercing. It is in the same spot as the common ear piercing but with some differences. When you are piercing your lobe, you make a small hole in your ear. But, when you are gauging, you make a bigger hole in your ear. It isn’s one simple step it is a process that takes time. You start with small hole in your ear, then gradually strech that hole with bigger and bigger piece of jewlery. Once you come to the size you wanted, you can stop streching your ear and enjoy in your new look.

It is important to gradually strech your earlobe because if you do it in short time, there is a high possibility of stretching your tissue too much and cause some problem, like infections. It is important to know that you can’t return your hole into its smaller size, but there are some surgical processes for that.

Transverse lobe piercing

Transverse lobe piercing is a piercing that is punctured hoeizontally through the ear lobe using a barbell. Since people have different ear lobes, in this transverse lobe piercing you can put curved of straight barbells. This traverse lobe piercing takes longer to heal than regular earlobes. That is because the fistula is longer with barbell inside the ear. This barebell is more in the ear than in other earlobes which leads to bigger possibility of an infection .

Just like every other piercing, transverse lobe percing needs to be taken care of properly, until it is fully healed. It has to be cleaned twice a day with saline solution and if it si red, sore or causes any severe pain, you should go to the professional maybe it is infected.


The helix is the cartilage part of the upper ear. This and almost evet other ear piercing needs to be done with needle and not piercing gun because guns will cause shock to the ear and there are some difficuliter that can appear later on. Gun is safe for lobe piercing. Helix is made with a needle and since it is made of cartilage, professional needs to put additional pressure to get it. Helix piercings that are at the top of the ear are called pina piercings and one at the middle are auricle piercings.

When it comes to helix piercing, good side is that you can put many piercings inthat area, since it is bigger are than for other piercings. When someone does helix, it won’t stop at just one piercing, it will make them more and that is how addicting it is.


Antihelix is also called a snug and it is situated on the side of your ear that is close to your head, opposite from helix. There are people who used the same piercings in both anthelix and helix and it looks great. This piercing isn’t that common as the helix but it has his share of fans all over the world. Since this part of ear is rather hollow, piercings in this area are curved ball bearing jewelry or ecen circualr rings, because it doesn’t bother them and they don’t even feel it. Which is the plan. You wouldn’t want to have a piercing that hurts or makes you uncomfortable?
Just like with the helix, antihelix is done with needle by a professional and you have to watch for it to heal for some period of time. If it is done correctly then there mustn’t be any complications with it.

Scaffold piercing

Scaffold piercing has many names, like industrial piercing, the bar, construcion piercing. It is quite different from other piercings because of the way of puncturing. It is done with two holes in your ear which are later conected with one piece of jewlery. Most common place to put scaffold piercing is the upper part of the body, where are helix and antihelix usually situated. But, of course they can be modified in a place you decide with professional’s opinion and advice.

Scaffold piercing take about for six to twelve month for full healing. Since it is a two hole piercing you should use extra long barbell but it has to be comfortable and it mustn’t hurt. When the healing process is done, you can change the jewlery, but don’t do it before. It is more attractive than one other types of ear piercing.

Conch piercing

Conch piercing is definitely a piercing for experienced professional. It is complicated procedure but it’s position is risky. It’s position is prone to infections and it can easily damage the cartilage so you need to be careful while doing it. This types of pearcing are this tricky due to their location, which is the middle of the ear in the concave sextion, next to the ear canal.
Pain ins’t somethig that we can disscus about, because every person has different sence for pain and tolerate pain in different ways, but this piercing is tricky, meaning it can cause pain more than other and it takes more time for full healing, for about 12 months is a healing period.


Tragus is a piercing located in the smaal protuberance of cartilae just outside of ear canal. Since we all have different ears, there are people who can ‘t have tragus because that part of the ear is to small for puncturing. Since this part is very thick and small puncturing it takes more time, but it won’t take long.

Interesting part about tragus it that some people experience loud popping sound while piercing it. It doesn’t have anyhing to do with any damage or anything similar, it si probably due to the fact that tragus is close to your ear drum, so you hear needle punctring skin.

Tragus is a piercing that can bother you while listening to music, especially if you have earbuds that goes in your ears, so it is the best if you don’t use them until treagus is full healed.


Like the name says, the same thing withhelix and antihelix, antitragus is situated on the opposite side of your ear from tragus. It is placed on the raised fold of cartilage, right outside of your ear. The same thing with antitragus is with tragus, there are people who have that are too small and they can’t ahve antitragus. For people who have them the best jewelry is micro jewellry since it is rether small area for any bigger jewlery.Great choices are curved ball, ball closure ring or cicrular barbell.

Since antitragus is where it is, if you have other piercings as well, be carefull so antitragus you want to have doesn’t make a crowd in your ear. It can be incomfortable and cause an infection as well.

Orbital piercing

Orbital piercing is a type od ear piercing that makes two holes in your ear. This piercing enters and exits on the same part of the ear and it is made with two piercing holes on that paro of the ear. This piercing can stand in ever part of your ear, but it is usually placed on helix. The main difference with this orbital piercing is that usually pericing goes form from to the back of the ear, but his one looks like it is orbiting throuhg the cartilage.

If you have one piercing already and you want to have an orbital piercing all you have to do is add another piercing near by so that tese two holes can be connected with a single piercing. Most common piece of jewelry for orbital piercing is ball closure ring.